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Ekome Bovine Plasma spray dried is the source of the highest quality animal protein produced from cattle. It is produced exclusively from animals that are fit for human consumption (Human Grade) and delivered from slaughterhouses that are under constant veterinary supervision. It does not contain any additives or fillers.

Our product is used as a nutritional supplement for domestic animals and fur animals as a source of perfectly digestible protein with biofunctional properties of IgG (immunoglobulins), glycoproteins and mineral components that stimulate and enhance the body's natural immunity and affect good intestinal function, reduce the occurrence of inflammation they bind bad bacteria allowing their excretion with faeces. In addition, plasma is used in the food industry as a water-binding and emulsifying component.

Ekome Bovine Plasma is produced in accordance with EU directives: EC 1069/2009 and EC 142/2011.

Bovine Plasma is especially recommended

  • for young animals in the period of intensive growth, (it is a natural stimulator of growth),
  • convalescents after treatments,
  • seniors,
  • in anemia,
  • during the weaning of the young from the mother,
  • when changing the composition or type of diet,
  • for diarrhea and intestinal problems.

The product is rich in natural, highly absorbable lysine:

  • essential for building proteins, mainly in muscles and bones,
  • absorbing calcium, improving mental concentration,
  • soothing symptoms of colds, flu and herpes,
  • present in the production of hormones, antibodies, enzymes and in the construction of collagen,
  • its deficiency results in symptoms of tiredness and irritability, causes anemia and hair loss,
  • most likely, it has anti-carcinogen effect in combination with high doses of antioxidants,
  • participating in the processes of tissue renewal, antibody formation, growth stimulation, as well as the production of hormones and enzymes.

and threonine:

  • responsible for proper hydration of the skin,
  • involved in the production of elastin and collagen,
  • strengthening the hemostasis of the nervous system, enabling more efficient transmission of nervous information between neurons, which significantly normalizes the work of the central nervous system and clearly minimizes the effects of mental fatigue,
  • strengthening enamel,
  • regulating the transport of food in the digestive system,
  • stimulating the immune system to produce antibodies,
  • improving the assimilation of nutrients from food,
  • ensuring proper metabolism of fatty compounds in the liver,
  • normalizing thyroid work.

It can be part of the daily diet, also in combination with the Bovine Hemoglobin.


Packaging type: fully biodegradable packaging made from renewable raw materials - BIO. The biodegradable material undergoes complete biodegradation as a result of the action of microorganisms in the soil without adversely affecting the environment. One form of biodegradability is compostability, i.e. the capability of biodegradation packaging in industrial or home composting plants.

Composition: 100% dried beef plasma.


Guaranteed parameters  Averaged value  Test method (*)
Crude protein > 700 g / kg  ISO 5983:2005
Humidity  ≤ 80 g / kg  ISO 6496:1999


5 samples <300 CFU / g, of which 3 <10 CFU / g ISO 21528-2:2004
Salomenella   none in the 25 g sample ISO 6579:2002

Chemical analysis

Crude protein (Nx6.25) 720 g / kg ISO 5983:2005
Crude fat (acid hydrolyzed) 25 g / kg ISO 6492:1999
Crude ash (550 ºC)  190 g / kg  ISO 5984:2003
 Humidity  70 g / kg  ISO 6496:1999
 Citrate  20 g / kg Internal method

Mineral elements

Calcium  0,1 g / kg  Internal method
Magnesium  0.8 g / kg  Internal method
Phosphorus  0.1 g / kg Internal method
Potas  2.0 g / kg Internal method
Sodium  59.5 g / kg  Internal method

Physical properties

Water absorption  ≥ 400 g / cm2  
Solubility  ≥ 90%  Internal method
pH  7 - 11  Internal method
Bulk density   400-500 g / m3 Internal method
Appearance  Yellowish / white powder  Visual assessment

The quality of protein

Peplens digestibility HCL 99% ISO 6655:1997

(*) Test method used in accordance with ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.

Amino acid analysis:

Amino acid  g / kg
alanine  39.7
arginine  44.5
Aspartic acid  82.0
cysteine  27.3
glutamine  108.0
glycine  27.3
histidine  24.9
isoleucine  23.1
leucine  76.2
lysine  74.0
methionine  8.9
phenylalanine  41.1
proline  41.5
serine  51.5
threonine  51.8
tyrosine  37.5
valine  55.1

Dosage: dogs: 1-2 g/kg body weight; cats: 1-2 g/kg body weight

Note: For full blood blended, mix with Bovine Hrmoglibon 1:4 (4 portions of hemoglobin, 1 serving of plasma).


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